Krakow Private Tour Guide

My name is Anna Gega - Bakowska. I am an experienced private guide in the beautiful city of Krakow and its suuroundings. I have been leading walking and driving tours for eight years. I speak English and Spanish fluently, and I have a car that is comfortable for five passangers. In case of larger number of tourists I can arrange transport.

My fees are negotiable.

My City - Krakow (Cracow) was the capital of Poland from the 11th to the 17th centuries and contains numerous ancient buildings, the main attractions being situated in the city center. It has one of the largest Market Squares in Europe, a renaissance castle, and about 70 old churches. St. Mary's Church, the gothic parish church of Krakow, has a world-famous wooden altar containing 200 sculptures carved by Veit Stoss in 1477-89, which Picasso called the eighth wonder of the world.

Krakow has a fine location in southern Poland, from which you can get to the famous Wieliczka Salt Mine, visit infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau, and drive to Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains, which has many unique wooden buildings.

About Me - I am a licensed guide in Krakow (license nr PM/359/2000) and tour leader in Poland (license nr PW/20/05) with extensive knowledge about my country and good communication skills. My customers often return to Krakow for my help in further exploration of my country...

I offer my services as your guide and organizer. I can arrange interesting itinerary for your stay in Poland. Am specialized as guide and organizer of walking and driving tours of Krakow, traces of jewish heritage tours in Krakow and its area, trips to polish mountains, Wieliczka Salt Mine tours, visits in Auschwitz-Birkenau former camp, Dunajec River gorge trips, traces of John Paul II tours, visits at National Parques etc…

Special Interest Tours - I offer tours for individual travelers, organized group tours with special interests (such as Jewish Krakow and Catholic shrines, including Czestochowa), and professional meetings arranged by international enterprises. I also specialize in the research of your family roots in Poland, on your request I can arrange special program based on integrating games in the open air including proffessional equippment such as lines, ropes...and assistance of licensed experts in this field.

Am open to show you Krakow as the magic city with its legends and secrets, guarantee my assistance and help in finding and participating in cultural events in Krakow and in its area such as concerts, theatre performances, festivals … I also offer my services as guide and tourleader for children and teenagers who may be bored by traditional tours!


Walking Tour of Krakow

While this tour you are walked to Wawel Hill (ex residence of polish kings), main monuments there are majestic Royal Castle dated back to 16c, Krakow Cathedral-gothic beautifull temple where polish kings were crowned, then you are leaded along so called Royal Route, on the way you can see the oldest churches such as St. Andrew Church, St. Francis Basilic, Palace of Bishops, University District, Market Square of Krakow and Parish Church of Krakow called St. Mary's Basilic with magic altar which contains 200 wooden sculptures and is considered to be 1 of the most beautifull wooden masterpieces of art in Europe.

Tour takes around 3 hours.

Traces of Shindler’s List in Krakow

On the tour you are welcome to see Jewish Quarter of Krakow with numerous synagogues such as: Remuh Synagogue built in 16th dedicated to famous Rabbi and professor of jewish law called Moses Iserles or Remuh, this synagogue is still in use, Old Synagogue considered to be the oldest jewish temple in Poland, places showed by Steven Spielberg on his movie ”Shindler ‘s List”, jewish old market place... After walk around jewish monuments you are driven to former ghetto established by Nazis in 1941, then to original Shindler’s Factory, on the way back from the factory you can see remains of ghetto’s wall and ex labour camp called Plaszow (showed in the movie ”Shindler ‘s List”).

This tour takes around 3 hours, you are offered transport by comfortable car or mini bus which depends on number of participants.

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Auschwitz - Birkenau tour

You are driven to the most terrifying and the largest former extermination camp in Europe.

The camp was established in 1940 by german Nazis, first suggestions were to place here polish political prisoners but soon it was turned into huge extermination centre for European jews and gypsies. During 5 years of camp’s activity over 1 milion people was brutally murdered or died because of epidemies and starvation.

While the tour you are driven from Krakow to the Museum of the camp placed in the first section of Auschwitz called by Nazis Auschwitz I, while visit you enter several blocks originally used by prisoners. In the collection of this very particular museum are maps, photos, documents connected with history of genocide and crime committed in Auschwitz-Birkenau. While this visit you have got the chance to see belongings of prisoners such as their shoes, suitcases, glasses, etc…

After the visit in Auschwitz I you are driven to the second part of the camp called Birkenau, there you are walked to the barracks where prisoners slept, you are showed as well camp’s latrines and you visit the highest watchtower in Birkenau (excellent place to see actual size of Birkenau Camp), on your request we can drive you to the place where Nazis constructed 4 huge gas chambers…

Now they are in ruin but it is possible to distinguish separate installations in seriously damaged gas chambers.

This tour takes around 6-7 hours and includes transport from Krakow to Auschwitz-Birkenau and back.

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Wieliczka Salt Mine

Magic and unique place to see ancient Mines where salt has been excavated already in 13c offers artistic attractions. In 1978 Wieliczka Salt Mines entered UNESCO List and is considered to be 1 of the most exciting tourist attractions in Europe. In the chambers of mine visitors can admire numerous sculptures carved by miners-artists. While our tour you are driven from Krakow to Wieliczka and then you are leaded by local English speaking guide along corridors of this Salt Mines. On the way you can see chambers and chapels with so many artistic works of miners. Since centuries this Mine has been religious place, till today there are masses and wedding ceremonies celebrated underground.

While this tour you will see absolutely amazing underground church called “Saint Kinga’s Chapel” designed by miners artists.

Tour takes around 3-4 hours, you are offered transport by car or mini-bus.

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Tour to Zakopane

Town situated at the botoom of the highest polish mountains called Tatra. It offers beautiful wooden architecture, fresh air,  mountains views and wonderful panorama of polish mountains. On the spot there are attractive shopping markets and excellent restaurants offering the best choice of polish cusine.

While this tour you are driven from Krakow to Zakopane. Drive takes around 2 hours, on the way you are surrounded by polish landscapes: green fields, charming small villages, majestic hills and mountains.

On the spot we will take you to highlander’s typical market, will show you the centre of Zakopane with number of shops offering fancy products and local articles, will walk you to the oldest church built in wood and dated back to 19th century, you will see unusual folk style cemetery where so many famous and average inhabitants of Zakopane were buried, you will be familiar with the style of local architect who designed number of wooden fancy houses placed at the oldest street of Zakopane, you will be driven to the area of the most popular sport in this region. Four ski-jumps are surrounded by absolutely divine nature of  Tatra‘s Mountains.

The tour takes whole day (around 7-8 hours).

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Tour to Dunajec River Gorge

You are driven from Krakow to small village Sromowce where canoe trip is starting. Dunajec Gorge is one of the best-known tourist attractions in the Pieniny Mountains. Wooden canoe trips have been organized daily by highlanders since 19th century. The trip begins in the village of Sromowce Katy and ends in the resort town Szczawnica 18 km downstream. The Gorge makes 7 loops in its length.

The Gorge is part of the valley located within the Pieniny National Park. The landscape distinguishes it from surrounding mountains due to interaction of natural factors such as geological ground, relief, water, soil, flora and fauna. All these elements contribute to the natural beauty of whole area.

Duration of time for whole trip: 7-8 hours.

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Traces of John Paul II (trip to Wadowice and Kalwaria)

You are welcome to see hometown of John Paul II, here he was called Karol Wojtyla. While the tour you visit family Wojtyla house where great Karol Wojtyla was born, next to this modest house there is parish church of Wadowice where future Pope was baptized and where he used to come back already as John Paul II. On the way back to Krakow we will show you really spiritual and relatively quiet and beautiful sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (second place of religious pilgrimages in Poland after Czestochowa).

This tour takes around 4-5 hours you are driven to both places by car or mini-bus.


Walking Tour of Krakow 3-4 hours: 280 PLN (70 €), per group, price includes my guiding service and tax.

Whole day walking tour up to 8 hours: 400 PLN (100 €) per group.

Driving Tours

Half day tour of Krakow by car 3-4 hours: 380-600 PLN (95-150 €) per group.

Whole day tour of Krakow 5 - 8 hours: 450-900 PLN (112-225 €) per group.

Traces of Shindler's List 2 - 4 hours: 380-500 PLN (95-125 €) per group.

Auschwitz-Birkenau tour: 600-1000 PLN (150-250 €) per group (depending on number of participants), there are tickets to purchase on the spot.
Time: around 6 hours including driving time.
Price includes: Transport, my tour leader's service, guide's service in The Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau, tax.

Wieliczka Salt Mine: Costs of transport: 200-500 PLN (50-125 €), Sightseeing of the Mine with private guide: 300 PLN (75 €)/group plus ticket for each person 50 PLN (12 €) or tour on the spot in the group up to 30 persons: 65 PLN/person (18 €).
Time: 3.5 hours including drive to the spot
Prices includes: Transportation, tour leader's service, guide's service in Wieliczka, tickets, tax.

Tour to Zakopane: 500-1000 PLN (125-250 €) per group.
Time: 6-7 hours including driving time
Price includes: Transportation, my tour leader's service and guide's service, tax.

Tour to Dunajec River Gorge: 600-1000 PLN (150-250 €) per group, plus tickets 50 PLN (13 €) per person.
Time: 7-8 hours including driving time
Price includes: Transportation, my tour leader's service and guide's service, tax.

John Paul II Traces: 500-800 PLN (125-200 €) per group.
Price includes: transportation, guide’s service on the way and while visit of Wadowice and Kalwaria, tax.

These prices are approximate, I am open to negotiate them dependent on the situation and exact number of participants.

How to Contact Me

Phone: 0048 12 411-25-23
Mobile phone: 0048 604 151 293

If you have trouble opening the above email, please copy the address and paste it into your email "to Box". Don't forget to mention Private Guides in Europe.

My Past Guest's Comments

"We had the pleasure of spending a few days with Anna at the end of August. Her knowledge of Krakow and the surroundings was amazing, and she made everything completely fascinating... She was also most pleasant to be with...a great find all in all!"
Wally & Robbie Bregman, Del Mar, CA USA, August 2007.

"My group used Anna Gega as our guide for a half-day tour of Krakow, Poland and was incredibly impressed with her expertise and personal nature. It was like having an old friend living in Krakow guide you -- except Anna knows many of the interesting and hidden places that the average local person may overlook. She is very friendly, personable, energetic, not rushed, and has a passion for her profession. You cannot help but be engaged by her stories and anecdotes of the sites and history. Her prices are reasonable and her English is exceptional, too. I would not hesitate using Anna again on my next visit to beautiful Krakow and would recommend her to any visitor planning a trip there."
Peter Tadin, Austin, TX, USA, July, 2006.

"Anna is a charming person who is very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful to me in exploring interesting places in and around Krakow. We visited various churches and museums in Krakow, made day trips to visit the splendid palace in Lancut and the castle at Ojcow. We also enjoyed meals in a variety of excellent restaurants. I give Anna an A+++ rating as a guide and am happy to recommend her to visitors to Krakow."
D. Higbee, Salisbury, NC, USA, June 2005.